Level 1 Option A approval for Radon activity measurements

EENI by approval decision N° CODEP-DIS-2020-035806 of 7 August 2020 of the President of the Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (French Nuclear Safety Authority) approving organisations authorised to carry out measurements of Radon volumetric activity.

Therefore, we propose to set up a Radon measurement campaign, in accordance with :

The Public Health Code (decree no. 2018-434 of 4 June 2018 containing various provisions on nuclear matters, the order of 26 February 2019) requires owners of establishments open to the public to have radon measurements carried out in their establishment by an approved body.

Art 1. R. 1333-33: Obligation to measure radon shall apply to an owner or, if an agreement so provides, the operator of establishments: 

In application of the public health code, radon testing in certain ERP was mandatory since 2004 in municipalities located in 31 so-called priority departments. This obligation is now applicable: in all the ERP located in the communes located in zone 3, but for those which were not in a priority department, a deadline of application is fixed at July 1, 2020.

In zone 1 and 2 municipalities, when the results of existing measurements in these establishments exceed the reference level set at 300 Bq/m3 by the IRSN or a body approved by the ASN. 

Repeated every 10 years and whenever work is carried out that significantly changes the ventilation or airtightness of the building. 

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Stéphane CORDIER