Radiation protection

In our daily lives, we are constantly in contact with radioactivity. This can be of natural origin, from the earth, the cosmos or in our food, but also artificial during medical examinations or therapies or from authorised discharges from nuclear installations as a result of fallout from nuclear weapons tests in the atmosphere.
We often use radioactivity in our industries or research centres.
Thus, Radiation Protection allows the implementation of concrete actions aiming at reducing the effects of ionising radiation or contamination on our workers.

Our solutions

PCR Outsourced

As a CRB (Certified Radiation Protection Organisation) we provide the role of Radiation Protection Advisor (formerly PCR) for your company.

CEFRI Accompaniment

We set up your radiation protection management system to enable you to obtain CEFRI certification.

RADON Diagnostics

In accordance with the regulations in force, we ensure the screening and conversion of your premises.

Qualified technician and radiation protection

Our collaborators supervise your work sites. They are responsible for mapping, dose monitoring, zone management and the safety of your staff.